Listen to the new EP Burnt Both Ends: Volume I now

Introducing “Burnt Both Ends,” the new album from Grant T James (AKA G-slide James), a modern-day singer-songwriter. guitarist. 

This soulful collection of meaningful tracks brings to life the personal experiences of Grant T James and showcases his tuneful depth. Blending elements of indie and soul, “Burnt Both Ends” offers an immersive listening experience that takes you on a journey through Grant T James’s life. 

This album reflects Grant T James’s growth and journey through personal struggles and triumphs, from soul-stirring ballads to upbeat tracks with a message. With insightful lyrics and an irresistible rhythm, “Burnt Both Ends” is a must-listen for fans of meaningful, soulful, indie music. 

Get ready to be inspired by the heartfelt expression and depth of storytelling in Grant T James’s “Burnt Both Ends.”

Grant James. Songwriter. Singer. Storyteller. Grant blends Americana, Blues & Folk roots to tell tales of love, loss & redemption.

With Rusty Mary, his trusty guitar built in 1929, Grant brings the most traditional of roots to modern music. His debut album Stormflower brings American Roots music into focus with ambitious production, taking in Rock, Blues, Electronic and even Classical influences.

Music for today, steeped in history.

Check out the music video for Good At Pretending. The new single from Grant’s EP Burnt Both Ends:

Check out photos of Grant in action both live & in the studio.

Download his debut album, Stormflower, out now on Dancing About Architecture: